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Rollerboard is a fluted paperboard protective wrapping that is extremely durable with exceptional rigidity and beam strength in one direction and the flexibility to conform to many shapes in the other. The unique construction offers shock absorption. Rollerboard is manufactured to customer specifications.




42# Laminated virgin Kraft liner board -offered in sheets


3 Ply - Medium Weight
4 Ply - Heavy Weight

Standard Sizes

Length: 20" to 300"
Width:  15" to 60"

Rollerboard length is measured parallel to the fluting while the width is measured perpendicular to the fluting. The flute is 3/4" in height and 1-1/16" in width from the top of one flute to the next. Other sizes of width may be available upon request.

Surface Material

Rollerboard comes in a Kraft finish.

Printing Capabilities

One color Flexo-graph printing on Kraft.

Protective Coatings

Moisture Resistant, Abrasion Resistant, and V.C.I. (corrosion inhibitor)


Rollerboard is stacked and palletized for easy packaging. When Rollerboard is stacked it nestles inside itself saving valuable storage space.





Flexform Rollerboard
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