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Flexform Benefits
Flexform containers are a superior alternative to wood crates, tri-wall boxes, spiral wound tubes and other solid fiber packaging products. Over 40,000 Flexform containers have been shipped worldwide without a single freight issue.Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • Assembles in minutes
  • Are available in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses satisfying a variety of shipping requirements
  • Stronger and more dense than other flat sheet packaging products
  • Stronger hinge does not tear or break during packaging or shipping
  • Has greater beam strength than tri-wall boxes or spiral wound tubes
  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Not brittle under stress, like wood
  • Are exempt from IPPC rules and regulations for exportation
  • Are printable
  • Environmentally friendly and can be disposed of in standard refuse or recycled
Flexform can directly compete with both wood crates and spiral wound tubes. Below is a list of the advantages of using our product over either of these two options.
Flexform vs. Wood Crate  

Following are some of the significant benefits of Flexform containers as compared to wood crates:

  • Ships and stores flat, thereby saving valuable space
  • Weighs approximately 40% less than a typical wood crate, reducing outbound freight costs
  • Complies with all IPPC rules and regulations including ISPM #15 Export Packaging Requirements
  • Quick and easy assembly process
  • Material disposal at customer site is much easier
  • No weak spliced joints like those found on long wood crates
  • No splinters to harm product or people
  • Interior protective coatings are available
  • Less expensive than a wood crate
Flexform vs. Spiral Wound Tubes

Below are some of the distinct advantages of Flexform containers over spiral wound tubes:

  • Easier to receive, ship, stack and store whether empty or full and does not roll around in transit, on shelves, or during packing
  • Stores in 75% less space than an equivalent sized container and has 30% more volume
  • Hundreds of Flexform containers fit on one pallet
  • Pallets can be easily and safely stacked
  • Folds into a top loading container rather than an end loaded container, making it faster, easier and require less space to load product.
  • Flexforms top loading feature, superior density, and geometric shape reduce the potential of damaging material both from the loading of the tube and the rolling action through the transit system
  • Flexform containers have superior beam strength compared to a spiral wound tube
  • Flexforms significantly increased volume translates to enhanced throughput or reduced labor cost at the packing station
  • Flexform comes in a partial clay coat finish that is printable



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